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So Easy, So Delicious
From Ellie's Kitchen

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Never mind dancing lessons! A one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion where an expert helps couples and individuals learn to love cooking in their kitchen.
Ellie's cooking lessons will:
- Help brides and grooms learn how to use their shower and wedding gifts
- Inspire and motivate cooks from beginner to expert, with a customized plan to meet their specific needs
- Provide hands-on instruction on preparing simple and delectable recipes
- Offer tips on organizing the kitchen and menu planning, both for the ordinary and special occasion
- Enhance their confidence in the kitchen and allow them to share the fruits of their labors
The Perfect Gift for...
    - Brides and grooms
    - Anniversaries
    - Birthdays
    - Graduations
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Private Cooking Lesson

   - Each 2-hour class is held in the student's home on the day/evening they choose.
    - Prior to each class, Ellie will give a consultation to determine skill level, diet prefences and shopping
      list in order to customize the session.
    - Lessons are 'hands-on' - you'll really learn!
    - Printed, easy-to-follow recipes are provided, along with a complimentary copy of Ellie's cookbook,
So Easy, So Delicious.
    - 30 minutes of telephone coaching and support to be used within 30 days following the class.
Treat someone to a one-on-one  personal cooking  class. Click to see sample gift certificate.
                   Here is what people have said about  Ellie's private lessons:
“Cooking with Ellie is much more than figuring out the difference between a pinch and a dash ... it’s about unleashing the cook within. She removes the intimidation from cooking so you can take pleasure in the process and pride in the results. We chopped, sliced, sautéed, mixed, and baked, and the food on the plate more than satisfied both the palate and the appetite. In addition to her excellent book of recipes, Ellie left me with an appreciation for cooking and a confidence that I could hold my own in the kitchen.”
                                                                                                                                    David B., Newton, Massachusetts

"We thoroughly enjoyed cooking with Ellie! The recipes we prepared were easy, yet with a certain twist and will become standards in our kitchen! Ellie's cooking expertise as well as the fun we had chatting with her about cooking and beyond really made the evening a memorable experience and a great Christmas present for us! We really had a great time, and I already wrote a glowing email to my sister-in-law who was very happy that we enjoyed her present!"
                                                                                                                                Sarah & Patrick W., Cambridge, MA

“We had an absolute blast on Friday and are still enjoying the delicious dishes that we made. It's clear that Ellie is a fantastic chef, but she's also an amazing and patient teacher. We were so impressed by how easily we were able to prepare no less than FOUR dishes within just a couple of hours! Even the daunting-sounding entree that we had requested to learn--Beef Wellington--turned out to be a snap thanks to Ellie. In addition to picking up some excellent cooking techniques and recipes, we had a great deal of fun. We would recommend Ellie to anyone who's looking for an easy--yet sophisticated--approach to cooking!”
                                                                                                                          Sarah & Corey J., Lynn, Massachusetts    

"Wow -- This was my favorite Christmas present ever!! I'm a huge fan of the Food Network and while watching one of the chefs teach people how to cook I mentioned to my husband how amazing it would be to get cooking lessons from a real chef. To surprise me he found Ellie!! I have always considered myself a decent cook and could certainly put together a meal, but with my busy work schedule I have found myself using or making "convenience" foods instead of meals. Ellie has changed all that for us!! It was simply fantastic to have her come into our home, teach us how to prepare quick, healthy and delicious meals! It was truly a pleasure to learn from her. She is pleasant, kind and so knowledgeable. If you are ever trying to find that PERFECT gift to give to someone you love - this is it! I am hoping to have her come out this summer and help me learn new techniques and secrets to outdoor grilling."
                                                                                                                                         Michelle D., Southampton, Mass.

"David and I had a wonderful time on Friday night. I could never get him to do as much work as he did in the kitchen on Friday. We had a blast and the recipes were wonderful. We had a feast on Sunday with all the leftovers. I cant wait to have my girlfriends over in the summer time for those ribs!"
                                                                                                                              Lauren F., South Boston, Massachusetts
“Thank-you again for a fun cooking day. The biscotti cookies turned out great and in fact we're going to have late night coffee and more cookies tonight. Again, it was our pleasure to share our kitchen with you and I look forward to your monthly newsletter with more great cooking recipes and tips.”
                                                                                                                                                              Deb B., Norwood, Mass.

"Thank YOU!!!!  The girls really enjoyed the lesson and are still talking about it. We absolutely enjoyed dinner...and I might add that the dessert really knocked me out. I never would have thought!!!"
                                                                                                                                       Linda P., Needham, Massachusetts

"Oh I had a wonderful time.  I must say I was so excited I was reading your cookbook that night and I feel like I can handle some of the dishes. You gave me the confidence to forge ahead….and I so enjoyed cooking with you.  Thanks again – it was a wonderful gift and you put the fun into cooking…I hadn’t experienced  before – so thank you very much!  It was as much fun as I hoped it would be."
                                                                                                                                                                  Pat B., Marlboro, MA

"The food we prepared was delicious. and the fun, laughter and, conversation were awesome. Ellie  you’re  the best!!, and my son gave me the best gift ever, other than my grandchildren, who absolutely love the chef hats. I hope we will be able to get together again."
                                                                                                                                 Phyllis G., Wrentham, Massachusetts

  "Our lesson with you was one of our favorite wedding gifts. You taught us how to use our new kitchen
equipment to make some fabulous meals. We now have more confidence in the kitchen."
                                                                                                                                                 Lisa & Kyle M., Newton, Mass.
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